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Borne de gel hydroalcoolique

The connected hand sanitizing station with waste container

• Height: 1.15 m
• Base dimensions: 380 mm x 400 mm
• Weight: 22 Kg
• Foot lever, light pressure
• Elbow lever, light pressure
• Drip tray for the overflow
• Firefighter triangle lock to protect the hydroalcoholic gel
• Adaptable to all bottles with or without a pusher

Adapted to people with reduced mobility

Durable and robust, this powder-coated steel station is totally mechanical. Its foot and elbow controls eliminate any contact of the hands with the support. Equipped with a pedal and a "coudivelle", it is suitable for people with reduced mobility.

Drip tray

The ADLK station is equipped with a drip tray and a drip container for over-poured product.

Easy installation

Delivered assembled and self-stable, our bollard does not require any installation. It can be fixed to the ground.


The ADLK station can accommodate up to 5L of hydroalcoholic gel, i.e. around 2500 doses.
The ADLK station is equipped with a vandal-proof fire-lock.

Borne de gel hydroalcooliqueBorne de gel hydroalcoolique bleueBorne de gel hydroalcoolique blancheBorne de gel hydroalcoolique orange
Borne de gel hydroalcoolique orange
Borne de gel hydroalcoolique
Borne de gel hydroalcoolique bleue
Borne de gel hydroalcoolique blanche

The ADLK Solutions station is available in 3 standard colors or 100% customizable

Anthracite | Turquoise | White | 100% customizable
To match your company colors perfectly.

Our connected solutions

• prediction of your gel consumption
• control of your orders
• optimization of the interventions of your operators
• monitoring of your consumption
• location of terminals

Web and mobile solutions

The terminals that we deploy in an airport or a train station, in a tourist site, a city, ERP buildings, schools, museums or even within a company or within the framework of sporting events and festivals, are equipped with sensors with low energy consumption and are controlled through a software solution providing the appropriate functions for the manager, operators and users.

Gestion des Approvisionnements :
• Suivi temps réel de la consommation
• Suivi et optimisation des interventions
• Analyses statistiques et préventives des consommations
• Anticipation des Commandes
• Gestion de la date de péremption du gel

Maintenance des Distributeurs :
• Statistique d’utilisation
• Alerte en cas de panne/dysfonctionnement
• Optimisation des trajets d’intervention
• Maintenance préventive

Prévention sur les Gestes barrières :
• Message préventif
• Message éducatif
• Message publicitaire

Géolocalisation des distributeurs :
• Cartographie des distributeurs avec statut de fonctionnement
• Géolocalisation des distributeurs les plus proches
• Calcul d’itinéraire
• QR-Code d’installation de l’application Usager

Supply Management :
• Real-time monitoring of consumption
• Monitoring and optimization of interventions
• Statistical and preventive analyzes of consumption
• Anticipation of orders
• Management of the gel expiry date

Maintenance of Distributors :
• Usage statistics
• Alert in case of breakdown / malfunction
• Optimization of intervention routes
• Preventive maintenance

To protect yourself and others :
• Preventive message
• Educational message
• Advertising message

Geolocation of distributors:
• Mapping of distributors with operating status
• Geolocation of the nearest distributors
• Route calculation
• QR-Code for installing the User application

They trust us

Department of Education
POST Luxembourg
Luxembourg National Railway Company
Robert Schuman Hospitals
Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce
House of Startup
Football Club Mondercange

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